Top tips for riding in a suit

Riding to work doesn’t have to involve lycra and a road bike – here’s a few nifty tricks that will get you from the bike to boardroom in no time.

Sydney stylist Alarna Hope says stylish riding is all about slowing the pace and wearing the right fabrics.

  • Wear your suit jacket undone and ride at a moderate pace to ensure you’re not stretching the fabric and seams of your suit.
  • If you’re worried about your tie getting in the way, use a clip on tie bar to secure it to your shirt.
  • Make sure you’re wearing a wool suit that isn’t too tight across the shoulders. Wool is a breathable fabric, but if it’s too tight, the seams will stretch.
  • For an added touch of style, wear patterned socks with your brogues and suit so they’re seen while riding.Need

Need some inspiration? On Wednesday 22 March, 25 city workers rolled through the city for the Sydney Suit Ride – see all the highlights below.

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