Think of the impact

Bike riding past car

A car door can cause terrible injuries if it opens into the path of someone riding.

That’s why we’re asking drivers and bike riders to think of the impact.

Look before opening your door

When getting out of your car always check behind for people on bikes.

Remember a bike rider may need to take the lane to avoid the car door zone, so please be patient and only pass if it is safe. Allow at least a metre (if travelling over 60km/h allow at least 1.5 metres).

You can be fined $319 and lose 2 demerit points if you pass too close to someone riding.

Ride wide of the door zone

This may mean riding in the middle of a lane – but it’s better to hold up traffic for a few seconds than risk serious injury.

Scroll down to read more about the road rules and definitions when riding on bike lanes and shoulder lanes.

Learn more about rider positioning at our free Cycling in the City course.

A reminder for your car or bike

These small stickers provide a reminder for your car or bike. Complete the form below to order a set.


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Large car door stickers

If you own a car you can help us spread this important message by displaying the look before opening sticker on your car door.



Wherever you drive, the sticker will help increase awareness. Complete the form below to order one. Black and white versions are available.

The size of each sticker is 350mm wide x 400mm high. This will fit most types of door, but please check before ordering.


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Bike lanes

A bike lane is a marked lane on the road for use by bike riders. Bike riders must use this lane if it is signed as below..

Exceptions apply when it not safe, or practical to ride in the lane (such as having to avoid an opening car door or parked car).



Shoulder lanes

Marked shoulder lanes provide space for bike riders to travel on the road beside parked vehicles. It is not a legal requirement to use a shoulder lane – bike riders have every right to take the lane.

We advise not riding in shoulder lanes and are progressively removing shoulder lanes to encourage people to ride wide of the door zone.




How common is car dooring?


Results from our recent Twitter poll highlights that car dooring is a real and present danger among people who ride, with a significant number of riders reporting at least 1 near miss.



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