Take to two wheels to spend time with your family

Green Square residents are joining the growing number of Sydneysiders turning to bikes to help them beat traffic.

The latest census figures revealed 14 per cent of locals are riding to work in some areas of Green Square. The City of Sydney is currently running a “Give Yourself a Lift” campaign to encourage people in the area to consider cycling.

Local resident, businessman and father-of-two Michael Bradfield says bike riding is becoming more and more common.

“There used to be a lot fewer commuters riding to work in the mornings, but now there are loads of us riding and beating the traffic. I ride a lot around Redfern, Waterloo and Green Square and I’m rarely the only rider on the road”

He says that using bikes have saved his family time and money, and can lead to more quality time together.

“Riding a bike is really convenient for me. I don’t waste money on parking, or time stuck in traffic. It is the quickest way to get around. Even if I have a meeting in the city it is easier to zip in by bike than go by car or public transport.”

“When the kids were little we used to drive them to school, but now they walk or ride to school and it’s great to spend that time together. Not dealing with the stress of driving the school run is a much better way for all of us to start our day, and the bike is door to door.”

“At the same time the kids are learning the road rules from a young age, being independent, being street smart and keeping active.”

Young City of Sydney residents are bucking the trend and riding at double the amount of their greater Sydney peers. A 2017 national survey found 40 per cent of 10 to 17 year olds regularly ride in the city.

Michael says that going by bike is something everyone can try.

“We got rid of our second car when I started riding more in 2003. There is more bike infrastructure going in and you see more people riding in the area, so it is getting easier for everyone to do it – and it feels great to pass the stationary traffic!”

If you’re inspired to take to two wheels for yourself, a mini bike festival at Joynton Park on 24 March will provide fun for all the family. With food trucks, garden games and a chillout lounge, a variety of bikes will be available to test ride for free.

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