Shared paths

There are more than 50 kilometres of shared paths in the City of Sydney, many of which have existed for more than a decade. Most paths in parks are also shared paths. Shared paths are used where there is no space to build a separated cycleway. They also allow slower bike riders, such as families, to get around safely. Recent upgrades of shared paths include along Elizabeth and Chalmers streets, Johnstons Canal and Prince Alfred Park. We will be adding a further ten kilometres of shared paths over the next few years.

Five out of eight Australia states and territories allow bike riders to use any footpath – not just those designated as shared paths.


When riding:

  • give way – always give way to people on foot, they have right of way.
  • ring your bell – ring your bell early to let walkers know you’re approaching.
  • slow down – this is common courtesy.
  • watch out – pets and children can be unpredictable.

When walking:

  • be aware of your surroundings.
  • listen for bike bells and move to the left to allow bike riders to pass.
  • be predictable and keep to the left.
  • be mindful of young children and dogs, keep them safe.

The Art of Gracious Cycling

No matter where you ride, or how often, do you ride graciously?

The art of gracious cycling - Sydney Cycleways

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