Riding with kids

Most of us remember riding as a kid – the freedom to roam on our bmx or chopper.

Bikes are fun, and great for exercise and fresh air. As a parent/carer you can encourage your children to be active by riding with them.


Riding with very young children

Is your child old enough to sit upright unattended and hold their head up while wearing a helmet? Speak to your local bike shop about a bike seat or trailer.

Read more about carrying children on bikes from our friends at Bikewise.


Teaching your child to ride

The best way to teach a child to ride is to start with a balance bike; a bike with no pedals. We offer Balance Bike Clinics for 3-8 year olds at the Sydney Park Cycling Centre every Saturday from 11am. Helmets and balance bikes are provided free for kids taking part. No need to book.


Riding with older children

Ride with your child often to teach them to ride safely. Children under the age of 12 are allowed to ride on footpaths, and in NSW an adult can legally ride on any footpath when accompanying a child aged under 12.

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