Riding to Work


Five reasons to ride to work:

  • get fit while you commute,
  • get there quicker. For shorter trips, riding a bike is often faster than driving or taking the bus,
  • save money,
  • enjoy the world around you (you see things you wouldn’t from a bus, train or car), and
  • stay trim, taut and terrific…

Tips to get your colleagues riding more


Need a shower?

If your workplace doesn’t have end of trip facilities such as showers, bike parking or lockers you might like to make use of your local aquatic centre or gym.

Inner Sydney pools include Cook + Phillip (East Sydney), Prince Alfred Park (Central station), Andrew (Boy) Charlton (the Domain), Ian Thorpe Aquatic Centre (Ultimo) and Victoria Park (Chippendale).

A 360card multi-visit pass or fortnightly membership is affordable and gets you in for a swim too.



City of Sydney planning controls

The 2012 Sydney Development Control Plan (DCP 2012) requires business premises to provide at least 1 bicycle parking space for every 150 square metres of gross floor area and 1 visitor bicycle parking space for every 400 square metres of gross floor area.

DCP 2012 also requires a minimum of 1 personal locker for each bike parking space and 1 shower and change cubicle for every 10 bike parking spaces.


Planning for Bike Facilities

So what are the optimal number and type of bicycle facilities for a cycle friendly workplace? Check out the following standards or use our Bike Parking Calculator to see if your workplace is up to scratch.


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