Sydney Rides


Take in the sights and explore your city by bike on one of these inner Sydney adventures.


One map, all rides

For the keen beans who want to explore every nook and cranny of this wonderful city. This map shows all the rides listed below in one easy to use link. Select your chosen ride, jump on your bike and enjoy the journey.

All rides on Google Maps

Sporting Sights Ride

Enjoy a tour of some of Sydney’s most famous sporting sights. This is a wonderful 6km ride for any sports fan. You’ll get the chance to cycle through Centennial Parklands, Australia’s largest community sporting precinct, visited by more than 560,000 people each year across more than 35 different sports.

Sporting sights ride on Google maps

Parks and Gardens Circuit

Discover Sydney’s hidden green gems in this beautiful 13km ride across the city.

Parks and Gardens Circuit on Google maps

Inner East Art Ride

Cycling is about the journey – not the destination. This 8.5km ride freewheels through the urban culture hub of Sydney’s inner east, grazing on art along the way. Start your ride anywhere along this circuit and make sure you check the galleries’ opening hours.

Inner-East Art Ride on Google maps

Markets Circuit

This 13km ride takes you around the lively, vibrant markets of Sydney. Pick up some fresh produce on your way, try new or second-hand fashion or buy lovely gifts for your friends. There’s something special for everyone. We would recommend this for a Saturday morning ride

Markets Circuit on Google Maps

Quirky Sydney Ride

Discover another side of Sydney with this 13km ride which takes you to ancient burial grounds, infamous theatres and street art hubs.

Quirky Sydney Ride on Google Maps

Two Ducks Family Ride

A low traffic easy 6.5km ride from Sydney Park to Centennial Park.

Two Ducks Family Ride (PDF)

Inner West Art Ride

Contemporary, stimulating, engaging and out there, this 9.7km art gallery tour will broaden your horizons.

Inner West Art Ride (PDF)

Sydney Park Kids Ride

Home of the Sydney Park Cycling Centre, these rolling hills offer a kids bike track, playground and ponds perfect to picnic by.

Sydney Park Kids Ride (PDF)

Three Creeks Ride

Discover the backstreets and hidden waterways of the inner west on this 6.7km ride that starts in Bicentennial Park,Glebe.

Three Creeks Ride (PDF)

Bay Run and Hawthorne Canal Ride

This kid-friendly 8.8km loop is a great family day out.

Bay Run and Hawthorne Canal Ride (PDF)

Sydney Foreshore Loop

Suitable for all ages, skills and bikes, this 13km ride along quiet streets and shared paths has water views galore.

Sydney Foreshore Loop (PDF)

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