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Cycling Strategy and Action Plan 2018 - 2030

In the last decade, cycling trips have doubled and attitudes to cycling have shifted significantly. The City of Sydney is committed to making bicycle transport easier and safer, so it is an attractive option for more people.

This strategy builds on the progress of the last 10 years and keeps us moving towards our target of 10 per cent of all trips in the city to be made by bike.

Cycling Strategy and Action Plan 2018 - 2030

Regional Route Network

We are building a network of 10 priority regional routes to help people on bikes get to their destination quickly, conveniently and safely.

Regional Route Map

Bike Share Feasibility Study 2017

The City of Sydney, Randwick and Inner West councils commissioned a study into a docked bike share system for inner Sydney.

The study interrogated docked systems in other cities, and operational requirements and feasibility in Sydney. It found a significant demand for bike share within a 15 kilometre radius of the city centre.

The feasibility report found stage one would cost $25 million, and a viable system would need to provide around 1,000 “docking stations” for more than 5,000 bikes.

Bike Share Feasibility Report

Cycle Strategy and Action Plan (2007 - 2017)

The City of Sydney Cycle Strategy and Action Plan 2007-2017 is our commitment to making cycling as attractive a choice of transport as walking or using public transport.

The strategy outlines the infrastructure needed to ensure a safer and more comfortable cycling environment and the social initiatives that will encourage more people to cycle.

It is based on comprehensive analysis of cycling issues prepared by consultants, who drew on significant community input.

Cycle Strategy and Action Plan 2007 - 2017 (PDF)

StreetShare Strategy

The City of Sydney’s StreetShare strategy identifies programs and initiatives to create a more harmonious relationship between all users of shared space, both off-road and on-road.

StreetShare Strategy (PDF)

Cycling Participation Survey

How many people are riding in the City of Sydney area compared to greater Sydney, NSW and the rest of Australia?

Cycling Participation Survey 2017 (PDF)

Social Research

Who rides a bike, wants to ride a bike, will never ride a bike? This research reveals what will get people over the line.


Economic Appraisal

In 2010, the City of Sydney commissioned independent research to quantify the economic benefits of the proposed Inner Sydney Regional Bike Network.

The study by AECOM found the network would deliver at least $506 million – or $3.88 for every dollar spent – in net economic benefits over 30 years, and reduce Sydney’s traffic congestion by 4.3 million car trips a year.

The study forecasts a 66 per cent increase in bike trips by 2016 and a 71 per cent rise by 2026 if the 284 km network – spanning 15 council areas, 164 suburbs and a population of 1.2 million people – is built at a cost of $179 million.

The proposed project is in addition to the City’s current $76 million works program to build 200km of cycleways in the city centre and inner city villages by 2017.

The benefit in reducing congestion alone is estimated to be worth $97.8 million or $4.07 for every commuter switching from a car to bicycle during peak periods.

AECOM Economic Appraisal Report (PDF)

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