Green Square cycleways

In Progress

STATUS: Rolling program. Green Square is one of the fastest-growing areas in NSW. We’re building cycleways on new streets from the outset to make Green Square the most cycle friendly area in Sydney.

Cycleways through Green Square will give local residents and businesses an easy, comfortable and safe 15 minute ride to Central Station.

The City recently consulted the community about a new cycleway along Portman Street. The cycle connection will link the George Street cycleway from Prince Alfred Park at Central to Hansard Street in Zetland, south of Green Square town centre. City staff are reviewing submissions. View the plans.

The first town centre cycleway along Geddes Avenue was completed in November 2017.

There are plans for a new road and cycleway to connect Green Square to Ashmore precinct. This will provide better access for people walking and using public transport between these two urban renewal areas.

Find out more information about Green Square Town Centre. 


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