Sydney’s best bike routes revealed in new map

If you’re a Sydney rider perhaps you have received a pocket-sized Sydney Cycling Guide and Map in the past? Now updated to include new separated cycleways, shared paths and bike-friendly shortcuts, it has been redesigned and reprinted to make it easier than ever to ride across the city.

The map can be used by both experienced riders and those just starting out to plot journeys, discover hidden corners and reveal the best bike routes.

A new design adopts mapping colours consistent with Sydney’s expanding bike network, so green cycleways are shown in green on the map, and shared paths – coloured blue in the street – are marked blue.

Sydney’s many quiet, low-traffic streets which are suitable for riding are plotted as well (a green dotted line), making it easier for riders to navigate.

It also highlights bike shops and pumps as well as steep hills and direct routes on busier roads for more experienced riders.

With new cycleways and bike-friendly infrastructure being built all the time – including a separated cycleway from Ultimo to Pyrmont Bridge – get yourself up to date with a copy of your own.

Maps are free and can be downloaded online, or posted to you, your workplace or community group. Alternatively, you can pick up a copy for yourself at any of our forthcoming events.

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