Use the map below or request a printed Sydney cycling map to plan your route along low traffic streets, cycleways and shared paths.

Separate dedicated cycleways Dedicated cycling lanes Bicycle-friendly roads

*All data provided by Google Maps

Order a map

Complete the form below to order a map. You can also use this form for bulk requests for your workplace, business or school.

Personalised Route Advice

Looking for personalised route advice? Complete the form below to request a recommended route just for you. Rides must start and / or finish in the City of Sydney or a neighbouring local government area (North Sydney, Woollahra, Waverley, Randwick, Botany Bay, Marrickville, Leichardt).


The intended recipient of the information provided in this form by you is the City of Sydney. The supply of this information is voluntary and will be entered into a database and used to provide you with route advice. Information provided by you will be passed onto a representative from BikeWise, who will contact you to provide route advice. The information collected will be stored by the Council of the City of Sydney in accordance with State Records policy.


Other useful tools to help plot your route:


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