Frequently Asked Questions

How do I report a dirty or damaged cycleway?

Cycleways in the City of Sydney are swept daily to keep them clean from dirt and sand from passing cars and trucks.

If you spot a cycleway that needs cleaning, please call our Customer Service team on (02) 9265 9333 or make a report online. You can also use the Report It app to leave detailed information and attach photos.


There is a vehicle blocking the cycleway – how do I report it?

It’s illegal to park or stop in a cycleway except in emergencies. The best way to report a blocked cycleway is via our Customer Service team on (02) 9265 9333 who will alert City Rangers.


I’ve noticed problems with bike light phasing or timing at intersections, who can I speak with about it?

Light phasing is the responsibility of Roads and Maritime Services. We are working closely with RMS to make light phasing fair for everyone using the road.

If you would like to report a problem with bike signals, call RMS on 131 700 (select 5 in the main menu) or log it online.


When riding on a shared path, do people riding or walking have priority?

People on foot always have right of way on a shared path, so be sure to slow down and ring your bell early to let walkers know you’re approaching.

Read more about Shared Paths.


I don’t really understand what road rules apply to me on a bike. Where can I find more information?

Under Australian road rules, a bike is considered a vehicle and required by law to obey road rules including stopping at red lights and stop signs.

New rules about passing distances and increased penalties were introduced 1 March 2016.


I’d like to provide my feedback on cycling infrastructure in Sydney. Who can I speak with?

We always like to receive feedback from our community about infrastructure, programs and other cycling initiatives. We look after the City of Sydney area, but we also work closely with neighbouring councils and can pass on feedback.

The best way to contact us is email, through our Facebook page or by calling customer service on (02) 9265 9333.


I’m scared about riding in traffic, can you help?

We’re building a network of regional routes including separated cycleways to make it safer for everyone to ride in Sydney. We recommend planning your route along low traffic streets, shared paths and separated cycleways where possible. Our Cycling in the City Course gives you the skills needed to be a confident rider and provides tips for riding in traffic.

The course is a nominal $20 and runs for three hours, mostly on weekends. Bookings are essential.

We also provide a great free route finding service which can help identify quiet back streets and shortcuts.


Help! I’m keen to start riding to work but I’m not sure how to start?

It’s always more enjoyable to ride on quiet streets with less traffic, but finding them can be a bit tricky. Our free Route Finding Service will recommend the safest and easiest way of riding from A to B.

Rides must start and finish in the City of Sydney or one of our neighbouring councils (North Sydney, Woollahra, Waverley, Randwick, Bayside and Inner West).

It’s a personalised service, so whether you’re a beginner or experienced rider, our experts can advise the best route for your particular needs.


The bike parking outside my favourite café is always full, how do I request more spots?

There are more than 3000 bike parking rings and U-rails across the City of Sydney. We can install free bike parking u-rails or rings outside your work, home or favourite café.

Provided your request meets the criteria such as sufficient space and not on private property, we’ll happily look into it.


How do I report an abandoned bicycle?

If it’s in the City of Sydney area, contact us with a location and description – better still a photo – and we’ll ask the rangers to investigate.


More questions? Contact us today.

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