How Sydney is mapping its way, 1,000 bike routes and counting…

The city’s main roads might be the best route for cars, but people on bikes can always find a way with Sydney’s network of cycleways, shared paths and quiet backstreets.

If you’re only used to travelling on those busy big streets, building a mental map of your journey can be a daunting task. To help potential riders overcome this barrier we began providing a personalised route finding service last year.

Since then over 1,000 Sydneysiders have asked for bike routes to be plotted for them, from weekend rides with children to essential journeys to work, and even travelers touring through.

PwC employee Belinda Louis recently requested a personalised route from her home in Lewisham to new offices in Barangaroo, home of the largest bike parking facility in the southern hemisphere.

“I had visions of cycling on main roads, with buses and cars zooming past me frustrated and tooting, and me getting scared off, but in fact I felt so relaxed and at ease.

“I love the fact that my route takes in backstreets and I see lots of other cyclists. I never once felt in danger or scared, and the hills were even manageable too!

“It’s given me the confidence to regularly ride to work. I arrive feeling energised and excited by my achievement.”

If your bike journey starts, ends or passes through the City of Sydney area, accessing the free route finding service online is easy. Provide your destination and origin, riding ability and any other considerations, like if you’re planning to ride with children.

Our expect instructors will then analyse a variety of routes taking in to account your level of ability, and recommend one they think is best for you. You’ll receive a route recommendation, map and riding instructors a short while later.

Want to ride a route of your own? Request one now.

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